70- 71 Mercury Motego

Mercury, Montego


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(NOTE: In 1970 the Cyclone and Montego were on
the same platform, so the Montego information is
included as reference).

The 1970 Montego went through a major design
change. The produding front hood now had a
"coffin" look about it and all the sheetmetal
was redesigned, as well as the interior. The
exterior shared the basic lines of the Torino
while the interior was almost exactly the
same as the Torino's with minor trim

MONTEGO: The Comet was dropped and the Montego
became the base mid-sized car. Base engine was
a 250ci, inline 6.

Model Price Production

65A--2 Door, 6P $2473 21298
54A--4 Door Sedan, 6P $2560 13988

MONTEGO MX: The MX had all the features of the base Montego plus mid body
side molding, chrome trim around the decklid, window frames on all four
doors, loop carpeting, pleated cloth and vinyl or all vinyl interior, and a
teakwood applique insert for the steering wheel.

65B/65E--2 Door HT, 6P $2563 31670
57B--4 Door Seadn, 6P $2662 16708
71C--4 Door Wagon, 6P $2996 5094

MONTEGO MX BROUGHAM: The Brougham featured hidden headlights, chrome rocker
panels, wheel well moldings, dual upper body pinstripes, six-pod taillights,
(As opposed to 4 for the Base and MX), and silver or black appliques on the
rear deck panel.

65D--2 Door HT, 6P $2730 8074
54D--4 Door Seadn, 6P $2712 3315
57D--4 Door HT Seadn, 6P$2844 3685
71A--4 Door Wagon, 6P $3090 2682

CYCLONE: The apparent differences in the Cyclone was the center section of
the grille was a chrome square divided into four pieces with a chrome circle
in the center. Rectangular running lights were also included in the grille
along with the turn signal/marker lights in the bumper. The Competition
handling package came standard. Code "N" engine standard.

65F--2 Door HT, 6P $3037 1695

CYCLONE GT: This model carried a non-functional hood scoop, full length
lower body side molding, LH remote mirror and RH racing mirror, high back
bucket seats, special door panel trim, and a three spoke rim blow steering
wheel. Code "H" engine standard.

65H--2 Door HT, 6P $3025 10170

CYCLONE SPOILER: This model had front and rear spoilers, exposed
headlights, mid side body stripes, scooped hood, dual racing mirrors,
competition handling package, and full instrumentation. Code "C" engine

65G--2 Door HT, 6P $3530 1631



CID Comp Ratio Carb HP VIN CODE

250 L6 9.0:1 1-1bbl 155 L
302 V8 9.5:1 1-2bbl 220 F
351 V8 9.5:1 1-2bbl 250 H
351 V8 11.0:1 1-4bbl 300 M
429 V8 10.5:1 1-2bbl 320 K
429 V8 10.5:1 1-4bbl 360 N
429 V8 10.5:1 1-4bbl 360 C

Note: While Fords had a distinction between ram air and non-RA cars via
the engine designation, Mercury just kept one code - C - and ram air was
optional like any other option. SCJ cars were not designated with any
engine code; rather, they can be determined by the axle code.
SCJs could have ram air or not.


Trans Door Plate Code

3 Speed Manual 1
4 Speed Manual - Wide Ratio 5
4 Speed Manual - Close Ratio 6
Semi-Automatic Stick Shift V
C4 Automatic W
C6 Automatic U
C6 Automatic (Special Duty) Z
FMX Automatic X


92.6% had an automatic transmission
87% had a V8 engine
49.5% had air conditioning
88.1% had power steering
62.9% had hide-away headlights
42.1% had power disc brakes
10.2% had bucket seats
1% had power seats
1% had metallic green primer

4 NASCAR races were won in 1970 by Mercurys