70- 71 Mercury Motego

Mercury, Montego

The Beast


    Engines available: 1970-1971: 250ci I6 155hp; 302ci 210hp; 351ci 285hp; 429ci TJ 360hp; 429ci CJ 370hp; 429ci SCJ 375hp.  1972-1973: 250ci six cylinder 92-95hp; 5.0L 302ci V8 137-140hp; 5.8L 351ci V8 161-248hp; 6.6L 400ci V8 168hp; 7.0L 429ci V8 205hp. 1976: 351ci V8 6.6L 400ci V8 180hp; 7.5L 460ci V8 202hp.  Transmission: Select-Shift three-speed automatic; four-speed manual.  Wheelbase: 118" (wagon); weight 4101-4576 lbs. (wagon); unit-body construction; length 215.4" (wagon).


     Mercury's intermediate car, available in Montego,  MX,  MX Brougham, and GT trim levels.  Two door hardtop, four door hardtop, and Villager station wagon.  Power front disc brakes were standard, power steering optional.  A Cyclone sport model was available in 1970-71.

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Longer and Lower, with a Hug-the-Road Look

The Mercury Cyclone Spoiler is a true action car.

For 1970, Mercury Montego offers the intermediate-car buyer 12 models,

including a new 4-door hardtop, and three performance-oriented 2-door

hardtops: the Cyclone, the Cyclone GT, and the Cyclone Spoiler.

In addition to a dramatic new front-end appearance, new side ornamentation, and

unique rear-end design, the 1970 Montego has concealed windshield

wipers, and standard concealed headlamps on the MX Brougham, Cyclone GT,

and the Cyclone Spoiler. Interiors are distinguished by all-new trim styles,

redesigned instrument clusters centered by horizontal speedometers.

and new oval-design steering wheels. A new 117-wheelbase and wider front

and rear track add to the Montego's stability and maneuverability.

Newest Montego model is the smartly appointed Brougham 4-door hardtop.

Concealed headlamps, luxurious cloth and vinyl or all-vinyl interiors, deep-loop

nylon carpeting and teakwood styled vinyl instrument panel establish the

Brougham as a leader in its field.

Racy lines characterize the Montego MX Brougham.
The Montego MX Villager Station Wagon

The Brougham, which can be ordered with engines ranging from the

economical 250-cubic inch six cylinder engine all the way up to the 429 4V,

includes, among its four models, a Villager station wagon with exclusive

yacht-deck paneling and two-way tailgate.

The high-performance Cyclone, Cyclone GT, and Cyclone Spoiler give

Lincoln-Mercury three new youth-oriented models. Cyclone's exclusive styling

is marked by a jewel-like grille, flanked by sporty running lights; racy hood

scoop; high-back seats, and dual racing mirrors.

The Montego MX Brougham 4-door hardtop
1970 Better Idea Cars

Who We Are

         As said, I have been looking for a 70 Montego car club for a long time now and haven't found one. So I created this one. Myself personally I love the body style of the 70-71 Montego. I own a 70 Montego MX. It came stock with a 302. Mine is Gold with the black racing stripes on her. You can see the pictures in the gallery. Unfortunately I have not had much money to do stuff with her but she will be done. Currently doing a resto-mod. Changed out the bench seat for buckets and changed the carpet to a flint grey. B&M Floor shifter and shaved door handles. I love the look of a clean car so all of the chrome will be coming off when it goes into body work. I have not yet seen another Montego of this year on the road and I think that is why I love it so much. Very rare.


              So if you wish to join feel free. I will not charge for membership like other people. I am a car nut and like talking with other gear heads. Feel free to post your pictures and blog about anything cars. Thank you.